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Block Influence is a collective of experienced professionals who offer a range of digital marketing services, website development and cutting-edge analytics tools for tech, fintech, blockchain and bitcoin organisations. We specialise in supporting startups at pre-exit stage. Contact us today to find out how we can help you grow.

Who is Block Influence?

We offer services that we believe are essential to any start-up or small organisation looking to establish a firm grounding in preparation for growth and scaling

The Block Influence founders are Leon Chevalier and Henry Clay.

Leon (LinkedIn) is passionate about smart solutions to interesting problems. He enjoys working with growing companies to put data to work.

Henry (LinkedIn) is passionate about digital marketing, business intelligence and tech development for fintech and blockchain organisations.

Marketing and technology infrastructure to help you achieve your business objectives

Analytics and Optimisation

Track & optimise your lead funnels for max ROI

Influencer Marketing and Engagement

Top expert endorsements for your project

Website and asset creation

Professional asset and website creation with a blockchain focus

Smart Digital Advertising

Data driven advertising campaigns with ROI and tracking at heart

Social media management

Content strategy, channel growth and community engagement

Content creation & strategy

Expert article and video content creation with audience tracking

We're proud to have worked with a number of pioneers in their sector, meet a few of them here

The Block Influence difference

Arcade Metrics - A powerful analytics platform for Twitter

Designed to help you track, understand and improve your Twitter account. Arcade metrics plugs straight into your Twitter account’s API connection, processing your data and visualising the results in a series of stunningly designed dashboards. Your metrics are categorised across three key areas; connections, output, engagement. See what metrics need improvement with the health check dashboard and then review the suggested prescriptions to know exactly what action to take, to build a better Twitter profile.

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BuzzList - our expert data in action

BuzzList is a community project that uses our in-house data to product a list of who’s hot in blockchain – right now. We track influencer mentions across the Twittersphere and use this information to rank the top 30 most-talked about accounts over the last 24-48 hours. Who’s in? who’s out? Join the debate now using #BuzzList on Twitter.

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LiveLists: using smart data to grow your community

Behind every successful block-chain start-up is an engaged community. Having the right advisors, influencers and investors is critical. The days of wasting time researching or purchasing outreach lists to find these experts are over. We provide all our clients with their own custom database of the right experts to turbo charge their project growth. This database – your LiveList – then delivers the actionable insight required to successfully engage with them. Welcome to the ultimate outreach platform for the blockchain industry, all managed for you by Block Influence.

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