We are Block Influence

A specialist media agency for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry,
focusing on influencer relations and marketing. We specialise in delivering
paid, earned and owned media for our clients, offering measurable value
through a data driven and strategic approach.

We turn insight into actions, generating affluence through influence.

Welcome to the blockchain

The era of the blockchain is upon us, transforming the way the world does business in unprecedented ways. The industry is moving at a lightning speed, with new brands emerging every day; from cryptocurrencies and ICOs to satellite businesses offering support services and hardware. Whether you’re launching a new product or service, maintaining market share in your area of expertise or pivoting your business into the blockchain industry, ensuring your brand has visibility this quickly populating space is essential to your success.

Our solution

Block Influence can help you cut through the noise and speak directly to your target audience via the power of influencer engagement. We have harnessed the incredible reach of a new wave of influencers who have audiences in their millions on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and Telegram. We enable your business to lead the conversation.

Client Services

Influencer consultancy

With years of experience in influencer engagement, PR and marketing we provide market leading expertise to achieve your business objectives.

Strategy development

From digital planning to content schedules, we deliver the framework and the detail, giving you a complete roadmap for a successful campaign.

Data and insight

We pool various data sources to inform our planning process, ensuring decision making is based on solid evidence to get the best possible results.

Influencer acquisition

Sourcing the right influencers for your business is of paramount importance. We select the ones in our network that are most appropriate for your brand and strategy.

Content and creative

We combine our knowledge of the blockchain space with your communications approach to create an authentic message for your target audience.

Measurement and analysis

When it comes to campaign evaluation we provide detailed metrics that inform the next steps in your brand’s development.

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