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Block Influence delivers actionable intelligence to startups, agencies, consultancies, traders and investors operating in the blockchain sphere. Our flagship products — LiveLists and KEE — harness proprietary expert and influencer analysis to deliver turbo-charged market decisions, influencer discovery and content strategy. We turn insight into action, generating affluence through intelligence.


LiveLists: Advisor, influencer and investor selection made simple

Having the right advisors, influencers and investors is critical to your blockchain project’s success. The days of wasting time researching or purchasing outreach lists to find these experts are over. With LiveLists, blockchain projects and agencies can discover the right experts within hours – at a fraction of the cost. LiveLists then delivers the actionable insight required to successfully engage with them. Welcome to the ultimate outreach platform for the blockchain industry.

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KEE: the only portfolio tracker powered by expert analysis

Great trading and investment decisions require great information. But amid the clamour of the blockchain industry, separating the wheat from the chaff can seem impossible. Now there’s a way to cut through the clutter and find the analysis that matters. Harnessing the output of influential experts everywhere, KEE surfaces the real-time insight you need to make better, faster decisions. While technical and fundamental analyses have long formed the bedrock of trading and investing, KEE’s proprietary social analysis unlocks a new paradigm for success.

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Block Influence builds its founding team with appointment of Joe Rudkin

We're delighted to welcome B2B marketing leader Joe Rudkin to the founding team as partner and company director. He will lead our acceleration strategy, putting to use more than 18 years’ experience in growth marketing.

A new way to discover and engage blockchain experts

How we unlocked the potential of our database by creating LiveLists, a platform to help blockchain projects develop, promote and scale.

What fees to expect when working with blockchain influencers

With influencer marketing establishing itself as a key component of an ICO strategy, we help you manage your financial expectations before you dip a toe in the waters of influence and list what factors to consider when parting with your precious marketing budget.

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