5 great Twitter tools to boost your social strategy

Boost the results of your Twitter strategy with these five powerful tools, designed to optimise your account and the way you work. In this article, we look at five different categories: Tweet scheduling, account analytics, follower insight, social listening and platform research

Despite Twitter having a smaller number of active users than other social media networks, the micro-blogging platform continues to be a dominant platform for organisations and individuals looking to raise their online profile and engage with their community. Its strength is its immediacy which makes it great for quickly distributing news, joining conversations and building audiences.

If Twitter has become a key part of your communications strategy; using the platform in an efficient and results-orientated way should be a priority. Given the level of industry-wide marketing resources put towards creating a valuable Twitter profile, it’s no surprise that there are numerous Twitter tools available on the market.

In this article, we look at five different types of Twitter tools. Each occupies its own category and provides value in different ways, depending on how you use the platform.

  1. Tweet scheduling – Sendible (sendible.com)
  2. Account analytics – Arcade Metrics (arcademetrics.com)
  3. Follower insight – Follower Audit (followeraudit.com)
  4. Social listening – Tweet Binder (tweetbinder.com)
  5. Platform research – Union Metrics (unionmetrics.com)



  • Category: a social media management platform focusing on Tweet scheduling,
  • Links: website | Twitter
  • Price: $19 to $79 per month (14-day trial available)

SocialBee is an all in one social media management tool, with a focus on scheduling, which it handles excellently. You might be forgiven for thinking that scheduling just means setting a timer to post a tweet in the future, but SocialBee takes this process to a whole new level. You allocate tweets to designated categories and specify when they are posted in your calendar. Categories then repeat as required and the tweets themselves can be one post only, evergreen or set to expire after a certain date or number of posts. The editor is a dream to navigate, with a useful preview function and you can quickly create variations of each post to ensure your content stays fresh.

Twitter tool Social Bee
Social Bee website homepage

Compared to other management tools, it’s competitively priced, and SocialBee also offers additional concierge services if it’s time to hand over social media to the professionals. There is also workspaces, content approval and user management functionality baked into the top tier subscription levels to help agencies or large organisations.

Score: 8 out of 10

  • Positives: Totally nails the scheduling functionality, with a range of versatile options 
  • Negatives: Analytics is a little lacking, but it’s not really designed for that.


Arcade Metrics

  • Category: Account analytics with health checks and insight
  • Links: website | Twitter
  • Price: $10 per month (30-day trial available)

Arcade Metrics is for users who have got a taste for analytics via Twitters native tool, but now need greater detail and insight. The tool allows users to review their Twitter account’s historical data and how that relates to its current performance and then supplies actionable insight to build and improve their profile. The data feed is taken directly from Twitter’s API via authorised access.

Twitter tool Arcade Metrics
Arcade Metrics website homepage

Your data is presented across a series of dashboards which are split into three main categories: connections, output and engagement. Each category features basic metrics which most users will be used to (follower count, impressions, etc) and secondary metrics (such as. follower churn, average impressions, etc).

Once you’ve taken stock of your current metrics, the tool provides health scores, allowing you to see instantly what areas are underperforming and provides “prescriptions” to help you make improvements. These are calculated using industry benchmark scores. A final feature is the inclusion of curated lists, based on your connections which feature accounts that will provide the best reciprocal engagement.

On a side note, if Twitter analytics is your focus, check out this article of 10 Twitter analytics tools, for further reading

Score: 9 out of 10

  • Positives: High level of detail combined with actionable insight.
  • Negatives: A core focus on analytics, with no other areas of functionality.



  • Category: Follower insight and analysis
  • Links: website | Twitter
  • Price: $29.99 to $79.99 per month (freemium option available)

FollowerAudit is focused solely on a Twitter account’s followers (it ignores output and engagement metrics). It has a proprietary AI-based self-learning system for the analytics and the results it generates are fantastic. 

Twitter tool FollowerAudit
FollowerAudit website homepage

FollowerAudit was created on the premise that your Twitter account will suffer if it is followed by too many fake and inactive accounts. The tool allows you to understand the quality of your followers, and then take action if needed. It also provides some additional useful information such as when your followers joined Twitter and geographically where they are based.

This tool is undoubtedly niche, but understanding your immediate audience is integral to running a successful Twitter account so tool provides invaluable insight.

Score: 8 out of 10

  • Positives: Detailed insight into the quality of your followers.
  • Negatives: Uses sample data segments for extremely big accounts.


Tweet Binder

  • Category: Social Listening and analytics
  • Links: website | Twitter
  • Price: $39.99 to $1699.99 per month (trial report offered)

Tweet Binder is a sophisticated tool that creates reports based on search-term. Marketed as a platform that tracks Twitter hashtags, this tool actually does a whole lot more than that. If detailed insight and data breakdown is what you want, then you’ve come to the right place, as Tweet Binder features impressive insight and analytics. It’s aimed at organisations with a requirement for detailed reports, with the budget and time to process them.

Twitter tool Tweet Binder
Tweet Binder website homepage

The reports include information such as how far a search-term content has spread on Twitter, the engagement levels and the generated economic value. Insight into the accounts using the search terms provides valuable additional insight, especially the influencer identification fucntion. In addition to a rolling subscription, Tweet Binder also offers one-off reports. Whilst they aren’t cheap, if you have the budget and requirements, the reports they deliver are unparalleled.

Score: 8 out of 10

  • Positives: The highest quality of reports with incredible insight.
  • Negatives: Super expensive at the top end subscription.


Union Metrics

  • Category:  Research and analytics for the Twitter ecosystem
  • Links: website | Twitter
  • Price: $49 to $199 per month (no trial available)

Union Metrics has the backing of media analytics organisation Cision. It is a detailed and intricate tool focused on “social intelligence” and clearly aimed at marketing teams and professionals who requires detailed insight for strategic implementation and reporting.

The platform provides profile analysis, keyword listening, campaign reporting, competitor analysis and research as its core offerings. Each of these functionalities is fully represented with a wide range of metrics, presented through clear and intuitive visualisation. A notable feature is account optimisation, helping you build your followers and engagement.

Twitter tool Union Metrics
Union Metrics website homepage

Given the platform also works with Facebook and Instagram, a portion of the subscription fee will be allocated to these platforms. Which is perfect if you use them too, but even if you don’t, the quality of Twitter integration should justify for the cost for most users.

Score: 8 out of 10

  • Positives: Impressive interface, intuitive graphics and detailed insight.
  • Negatives: Perhaps too complex for the entry-level user.

In conclusion

There are many tools for Twitter on the market, and we’ve only scratched the surface in this article. Many tools have free trials so it’s worth trying a few before committing to a subscription. First define your objectives for using Twitter and work back from that, selecting tools that will help you achieve your goals. If it’s analytics you need, don’t forget there is a 30-day free trial available on our own tool Arcade Metrics.

Finally, if you have any great recommendations for Twitter tools or have feedback on the tools we’ve featured, please let us know. We’re always interested to learn about new tools. Drop us a line at contact@blockinfluence.com