The ultimate outreach platform for the Blockchain industry

Successful blockchain startups are powered by engaged communities.  Partnering with the right advisors, influencers or investors is critical. The days of wasting time researching or purchasing poor quality and quickly outdated outreach lists to find these experts are over. With LiveLists, blockchain projects, agencies and community managers can discover the right experts within hours and at a fraction of the cost. LiveLists then delivers actionable insight required to successfully engage with them. Welcome to outreach 2.0.

Your choice of experts can make or break your project

Which influencers are best to promote my project?

Selecting the wrong influencers can doom your project to failure or offer little value. Maximise ROI by discovering the best of the best.

Who would make a good advisor for my board?

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter are awash with individuals claiming to be experts in their field. We help you filter the best to add value to your project and expertise to your team.

Which investors are right for my area of operation?

Finding the right investors (individuals or organisations) who have demonstrated an interest in your blockchain niche increases your chances of success.


The dashboard gives you a complete overview of experts and organisations in your area of operation. Alongside the data you need to make informed decisions, your whole team can track their outreach progress and allocate tasks to ensure seamless collaboration.

Easy set-up

Working to your specific brief, we will quickly build your LiveLists database to your exact specification. The intuitive and customisable dashboard will be accessible via desktop or mobile in a matter of hours.

An insightful ranking system

Our unique influence and engagement scores, based on proprietary algorithms, allow you instantly understand which experts and organisations have the biggest networks and generate the most interactions within your area of interest.

Segmentation at your fingertips

Every profile has been categorised allowing you to segment your database to customise your outreach approach. From business owners and traders to media outlets, and investment organisations, we’ve got you covered.

Join the conversation

Once you’ve identified the right individuals and organisations, LiveLists provides their contact points and latest social posts, allowing you to effectively engage them in conversation.

Who is this for?

Blockchain projects

CEOs, CMOs and founding teams who want to find advisors, investors and influencers to enhance their project's growth, visibility and credibility.

Marketing agencies

That want to meet their clients business objectives by selecting the best influencers for project promotion.

Blockchain consultants

Who want to identify the best experts to build networks and unlock opportunities for their clients.

Working with us

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LiveLists PLUS

Outreach strategy development and expert engagement services on tap

LiveLists PLUS enables clients to turn on additional managed services as and when they need them. These include outreach strategy development, message creation and contact execution. This option is ideal for those who are not always able to craft personalised messaging or conduct outreach activities themselves.

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Powered by extensive data

Experts tracked
Organisations tracked
Posts analysed per day
Gigabytes of data

Who is behind LiveLists?

LiveLists is made by Block Influence, a blockchain business-intelligence agency.

The sizeable database that powers LiveLists was originally created as an internal tool for identifying the best experts for clients who needed influencer marketing support. However Block Influence founders, Leon Chevalier and Henry Clay, realised that the database could form the backend of a powerful platform to give the wider blockchain industry a useful tool for identifying experts, advisors and influencers to partner with. The idea for LiveLists was born.

To find out more about Block Influence, head to our main website.