What is High-Growth Marketing  and could it work for your company?

Successful companies of all sectors, shapes and sizes are using a different kind of marketing to achieve incendiary performance. So what is it, exactly?

Successful companies of all sectors, shapes and sizes are using a different kind of marketing to achieve incendiary performance: Airbnb, Dropbox, Spotify and YouTube used it to globally scale; Gary Vaynerchuk champions it for punching way above its weight; it levels the field between start-ups and larger companies. So what is it, exactly?


High-growth companies use high-growth marketing as their fuel

People refer to this nascent discipline in various ways. We prefer to call it high-growth marketing and define it according to the following characteristics:

  • Its an accelerant, helping small businesses access fuel fast results for less investment.
  • It’s based on the values of agility, intelligence and collaboration
  • It combines responsive learning and marketing techniques from niche areas of innovation — such as the community-growth hacks established by blockchain start-ups.


Some companies remain trapped in a state of destructive inertia

Unfortunately, many companies are straightjacketed by “tried-and-tested” marketing methods, squeezing drops out of the same marketing infrastructure as their competitors. More modern marketing approaches are often neglected. Out-of-date social-media profiles and annoying email “newsletters” are just two examples of just how rife the problem remains.

When marketing campaigns and resources grow by evolution they often end up being tactical, fragmented and investment-thirsty. Inertia is often the cause, with directors focusing elsewhere. This is completely understandable.

It is sad to see companies falter because they’ve failed to capitalise on the high-growth potential of the new era of accelerated marketing. It doesn’t have to be this way, which is why modern marketing companies are cropping up — dedicated to empowering others through high-growth marketing.


It’s time to take the power back

One day soon these new marketing techniques will become mainstream and lose their competitive advantage. Until then, forward-thinking companies can still receive major benefits from them. So let’s bring it all to life with some specific challenges.

Block Influence is an unconventional blend of marketing agency, business-intelligence consultancy and software-service provider. As such we speak with companies across multiple sectors looking to accelerate their growth every day. And we get to tackle the problems faced by our clients, as they look to change-up their marketing.

Over the next five days, we’ll publish a new article each day, drawing on what we’ve learned and shedding light on how companies can harness high-growth marketing to solve some real business pain-points.

Here’s some of the challenges we’ll be addressing:

1.What quick changes could make my marketing less tactical and more efficient?

2. Would improving my brand be really worth the time and effort?

3. How can I use content to really generate demand?

4. How can my business achieve tangible results from influencer marketing?

5. How can I realise additional value from existing customer relationships?

Follow the series to gain insight into our experiences of what high-growth marketing can really achieve.


Let us tackle your challenges too

We’d like to make this as real and specific as we can. So if you have a specific challenge you’d like us to tackle on day six, we’d love to hear from you — please get in touch with us at challenges@blockinfluence.com and we’ll publish our responses to the best ones.


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