The Crypto BuzzList

Who was the talk of #cryptotwitter over the last 24-48 hours? Based on publicly available Twitter data, our BuzzList ranks the top 30 most-talked about accounts over the last 24-48 hours, compared to the previous period. Who’s in, who’s out – join the debate now using #BuzzList on Twitter.

  • Buzz words – The top ten words found in tweets about this individual this week
  • Further reading – interesting links we pulled from all the Twitter chat

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What is the BuzzList?

We’ve answered all the frequent BuzzList questions here: BuzzList FAQ

I don’t want to be on the list

No problem – send us a DM on Twitter and we’ll remove you permanently from ever featuring.

Who is behind it?

BuzzList is compiled by Block Influence a blockchain business-intelligence agency.

The database that powers BuzzList is primarily used for various Block Influence tools such as LiveLists and KEE. However we thought it would make an interesting project to filter and rank the social media output we track into a weekly chart to provide the crypto community with a resource that would cut through the sheer amount of noise of Twitter and find interesting news and trending topics.

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