BuzzList FAQ

What is it?

A constantly updated weekly/daily chart is based on the amount of publicity on Twitter (good or bad) that prominent individuals from the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry are getting as a result of being talked about by other prominent individuals or organisations.

How is it calculated?

Over a seven day period, every time someone in our database is mentioned in an original tweet (not a reply or retweet), they receive a number of points. The points are based on the how influential the person or organisation who mentioned them is. In each seven day period, a individual can only receive points from another account once. This avoids individuals climbing the rankings by being mentioned continuously by an individual or small group of accounts, it also helps avoid potential gaming of the system. An individual’s chart position is calculated by their total points in a rolling/moving window of the last 7 days, and their movement is a comparison between their chart position and their position in the chart for the period of the 7 days prior to that.

Why have we made this?

The database that powers our products (expert outreach tool LiveLists and forthcoming portfolio tracker KEE), tracks the social activity of prominent individuals and organisations of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry to provide actionable insight to our clients. We thought that it would be interesting to use the database to provide a realtime snapshot of which individuals are making waves in the industry and those that are consistently keeping a high profile. When we look at the clusters of tweets that cause an individual to quickly rise up through the charts, there is often a common theme or news hook. Perhaps an individual has made an important industry innovation or caused controversy with of a contentious opinion. Whatever the reason, this chart allows us to quickly identify that.

Who do we track?

We track the profiles of 70,000 Twitter accounts, which we believe encapsulates all of the biggest names of the industry. Whilst we don’t share the full list of everyone that we track, we are confident that we’ve all individuals and organisations covered. As new individuals rise in prominence and organisations are formed, we’ll be sure to identify them and add them to our database as we are constantly monitoring Twitter for new or rising accounts.

How do we calculate how influential someone is?

Whilst an influence score attributed to the account who has tweeted about an individual is not shown, it is integral to making up the chart positions. We calculate their influence via the analysis of a number of data points available to us via Twitter’s API. The number of followers are obviously a key factor for this, but of greater importance is the quality of relationships. An individual is only as influential as the company they keep. We keep details of an individual’s influence score private as we’re not looking to provide a ranked chart of that data at this time.

How can you be sure you’re tracked?

We automatically track everyone who follows us on Twitter, so to ensure that you could get featured on the chart if you start making waves on Twitter, just swing by our account, @BlockInfluence, and hit follow.


We have created this list in the spirit of research and believe that the results are in the public interest, especially to those that operate in or are interested in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. However, if you don’t wish to be included in the list, simply send us a direct message on Twitter (our DMs are open) and we’ll remove you from the list. We use the direct message system as it directly validates the requestor.