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Block Influence builds its founding team with appointment of Joe Rudkin

We’re delighted to welcome B2B marketing leader Joe Rudkin to the founding team as partner and company director. He will lead our acceleration strategy, putting to use more than 18 years’ experience in growth marketing.

A new way to discover and engage blockchain experts

How we unlocked the potential of our database by creating LiveLists, a platform to help blockchain projects develop, promote and scale.

What fees to expect when working with blockchain influencers

With influencer marketing establishing itself as a key component of an ICO strategy, we help you manage your financial expectations before you dip a toe in the waters of influence and list what factors to consider when parting with your precious marketing budget.


How to make contact with ICO Pools

You have a startup with a great idea. But you need to fill your private sale and are looking at ICO Pools to do so. So how do you get in touch?

The opportunities and dangers of working with anonymous influencers.

A look at the prominence of anonymous influencers in the blockchain and crypto space, how to best incorporate them into your ICO marketing strategy and the administrative complications that you will face.


ICO Pools — what do they look for in a token sale?

So you have an upcoming ICO and you’d like to get the attention of ICO Pools and investment syndicates. But what exactly are they looking for?


What are ICO Pools?

We look into what exactly ICO pools are, how they work and how they differ from each other. So let’s dive straight in and answer our first question:


How to find ICO Pools

What are the best and quickest ways to find ICO Pools? And how can you find the private groups that want to stay hidden?